My Fashion Truck Journey blog 2

 As I stated in my first blog I got to Wichita Falls at 7:15am.  We met the owner at the Flying J, which is a truck stop.  We followed him to his house through about three winding streets, past goats, chickens, emus and horses.  At around the third winding road I began to think "Oh no, I think I am following a Craigslist killer!"  I started imagining that he would throw our bodies in this dirty body of water we had just crossed over! But then we came to his house and there my baby sat!  It looked like one of the trucks you see abandoned on the side of the road.  The grass had grown all around it.  

The owner went and got the keys so we could test drive it.  I was very nervous at first.  I have never driven anything that big ever.  But, since this was what I drove all the way out there for I hopped in and took the wheel.  I would say it was easier than I thought it would be.  After about five minutes I was rolling pretty good.  We even got lost trying to come back through the winding roads.  We called for directions.  

I got back, parked it and said, "I want it!"  I handed the man 20 crisp 100 bills, and he handed me my title! I didn't haggle with the price even though his ad said OBO.  I knew how much the trucks ran and I really hate it when customers haggle with me.  Plus the sign on the windshield said $2500.00 so he had already come down from his original asking price.

That was such a good feeling to hold that title.  I had already told myself that I would start this fashion truck business with cash.  I am not telling anyone else what to do for their business but I choose to start without any debt.  


to be continued...


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