My Fashion Truck Journey blog 3

In my excitement of my recent purchase.  I began my two hour ride back to Dallas with my oldest following closely behind without cleaning off the for sale sign on the windshield.  A friendly Texas State Trooper pulled us over and advised that we clean the windshield at the very next gas station we came up to.  As soon as we could we exited and cleaned the window!

The ride home was a bit loud.  I didn't take that into consideration.  Just imagine the truck is basically a big metal tin can.  So it makes a lot of noise.  It was also a little warm as the air condition didn't work.  I knew before I purchased about the air condition so it was okay.  Although, my husband might beg to differ.  Luckily for us it was still early so that Texas heat hadn't gotten us.

When we exited, we filled up as well.  To my surprise it was at half a tank when I bought it.  How cool is that!  So it took $40.00 to make a full tank.  Not bad, I drive an Ford Expedition so the gas was about the same. After that we mosied on home.  My husband had to encourage me that I could go faster than 50 miles per hour on the highway.  I was nervous but when I got that baby rolling we were moving in that big ole truck!


to be continued...

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