My Fashion Truck Journey 6

Let us fast forward a little bit!!! Again, life got in the way from me blogging about our adventures!  So last I blogged I was preparing for a July 18, 2015 event.  I ended up with a 4th of July event!  The truck still needed to be painted and the inside wasn't quite ready for company.  By chance I saw a truck pass me by with a sign about car painting.  Of course I wrote the number down, (well actually I took a pic!). and called as soon as I got home.  The guy came out and gave me an estimate.  I wasn't quite sure exactly what I wanted.  He asked to do just the rims and treat the rust at the top until I knew for sure what I was doing to the body.  We made an appointment for the following day.  Yes, I moved fast!  Remember, I was on a time crunch.  He came out and did his thang.  Me and my oldest son watched from the living room window.  We took notes!!  About five hours later he was done with the entire top and my rims were now shining!! Oh so pretty!! I was very pleased.

After they left, my oldest son says.  "Mom we could've done that!"  All they did was use spray paint.  My DIY wheels started turning.  "You are right son, let's do it!"  

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