Does Size Really Matter?

Does size really matter?

Women have been debating this for years! Why? Has someone created doubts in your mind or is it you who is trying to escape from a relationship by making it an issue?  Here we are talking about something physical right? Real physical! How can you make it the base point for measuring your satisfaction from a relationship? Would you let your body be the way to measure the happiness or satisfaction that you or your partner gets in the relationship?  You don’t want to lose the importance and meaning of the relationship. It is you who is going to decide what you want in the end. So, let me help you to analyze this situation from a different perspective.

Before we get started.  I am talking about a relationship ladies! Not one night stands or the occasional booty call.  But really if the booty calls aren’t satisfying, why do you keep accepting the calls? (That’s another blog)

Can you be happy in a relationship where you are not sexually satisfied?

If you can leave your situation aside for a bit. Let’s see how generally people start a relationship. You might find it similar for yourself too. So, let’s think up of the general scenario. There is a girl “X” who likes her friend “Y” because of how he handles the situation and the way he respects women. Soon, they became friends and approached each other for a formal relationship. By that time, they were so comfortable together that they know that they were made for each other. They respect each other’s perspective and know that their partner is in complete love with them.

Now it is the time you need to come back to the real world and answer a few questions. Do you think that you would compromise all your love for each other because of the “size”? Or would you stop caring for your partner? Or do you compromise, and how do you compromise?

Well, your answers to these questions would determine the level of satisfaction. Firstly, satisfaction is an abstract term and you’ll need to set your own parameters for that. If a relationship is giving you enough, love care and respect, you should be able to compromise on something. There is no one perfect in this world. There must be some problems with you and they can be physical as well. Has your partner left you for those reasons? Or would you like him to leave you for them? No, then this is the point where you should compromise as well. Concentrate on the points that make you satisfied in the relationship.

One more thing it is not that you can’t have the sex, right? It is your perception that you aren’t satisfied. So, changing this perception can do you a lot good. Give this aspect a bit of the thought and you’ll see the difference.

What are some alternatives?

Whomever said it isn’t the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean was a lie and the truth ain’t in them. The relationship isn’t over because of the lil tug boat. Promise!

How is his mouth game?  Some women love oral sex just as much as the penetration.  It is a proven fact that only 25% of women achieve orgasms through intercourse.  Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to get there.  That is a whole lot of faking going on ladies! Faking it gives false hope of achievement. Take this opportunity to teach your partner what you like, instead of throwing the whole relationship away.

Then there are toys.  You can find so many helpful gadgets at your local sex toy store it’s insane. Take a trip to a sex toy store.  If you and your partner are the shy type visit the one a city over. It’s worth the visit I swear to you.

You might want your partner to have some treatment. A little extreme if you ask me!  With the advancement of technology and science, you might be getting some solution for this problem of yours’. But don’t you think that going for medical solutions when they are not needed is going to create depression or self-esteem issues for your partner?  If you really love your partner, you won’t be compelling him to go so extreme.   With all medical procedures there are side effects and mishaps.  What if the problem is enhanced? YIKES!

Another option may be for you to invite another into the bedroom.  For me this is a no go but I don’t knock what others do in the privacy of their own silky sheets! Couples have been swinging and swapping for years.  Hey, it’s an option.

The last alternative, you can abandon your partner for his teenie weenie problem (pun intended). If this is what you want, you really don’t need a blog to tell you to end your relationship.  I would say this though, if that is the only thing that isn’t working in your otherwise healthy loving relationship I recommend finding a common medium. You will never find it all in one mate, so pick your battles.


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