Fashion from your local thrift!

Fashion and thrift shopping:

Don’t rule out your local thrift store when shopping for your fashion needs!  I love mixing thrift finds with new pieces.  The way fashion repeats itself you might find something from twenty years ago that goes perfect with those heels you just bought. Fashion is something that you can carry with great ease and can make you look on point. Obviously, we are not talking about the fashion weeks, and specific colors and designer wears. Most of the world’s population cannot actually afford such type of fashion anyway. It does not mean that we cannot afford to look good. Consider thrift shopping! It allows you to get the best clothes and accessories but at an affordable price.

Shopping on a budget:

Thrift shopping can allow you to choose a great dress but not pay a high price for it. So, you can actually kill two birds with one stone. Isn’t it great? The reason for the low prices of the merchandise is not the poor quality or any problems with the pieces; rather they are just used once or twice, which makes them available at a low cost. You can have all the fun with the perfect dress and still have lunch money.

Hesitant to buy used clothes?

What is keeping you from buying thrift? I know I’ve heard a few people say that they don’t want to wear other people’s clothes or dead people’s clothes.  Some of my favorite pieces I am sure are some old lady’s previous wardrobe.  Who cares, she not coming back for them, I promise. There also can be some instances where the first buyer might not have even worn the clothes or accessories. I have bought items from a thrift store with tags still intact plenty of times. I understand that buying from thrift stores could be a little uncomfortable especially if you’re buying for the first time but, just try it. You just never know you what jewel you may find thrifting. 

What will people think of me?

If the perception of you to others is pressing you then don’t worry, people will always have something to say. Whether you buy from a thrift store or shop at Niemen’s, people are going to talk. So, unless they are financing your wardrobe choices their opinions are irrelevant.

Finding gems at the thrift store:

Finding something that suits your taste from a thrift store, which is full of everything, is often difficult.  Unlike a conventional store there usually isn’t any rhyme or reason to how the clothing may be categorized.  So, it’s kinda like a scavenger hunt! You can give it a try and see if you can find something that suits you. The search is part of the fun and experience of thrifting.

Important tip:

You can fix some minor problems in the dresses or blouses, so don’t leave them if you are getting a good deal. Similarly, buying jewelry items can also give you a great value of money. Once you buy anything from the thrift store, make sure to clean it properly. For clothes, you can wash them properly with warm water to shed off dust and germs. And for the accessories, cleaning them appropriately depending upon the material can give these items a nice new look. Another tip is to go when you have a little time to look.  I can spend hours in a thrift store depending on its size.

Happy Thrifting Girlfriends!


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