Fashionable while on vacay

Fashion on Vacation:
Are you planning a vacation? You are probably excited about it. You must be! A vacation is the time when you can expect to stay away from the work-related issues and enjoy an exciting and enjoyable time with your friends or family. In any case, you cannot compromise on your fashion. You will have to look fashion-savvy so that you can get the most out of your trip. And yes, it is important for your pictures too. I don’t know about you but the most important thing about vacations are the pictures! I start planning my wardrobe months before a trip. It is a big deal!
Fashionable on vacation:
One thing you must consider is that you must not compromise the comfort at the cost of looking fashionable. How many times have you packed your favorite heels or boots when you knew you should have packed your flats? Don’t take any risks.
Another important tip to consider while choosing your clothes for the vacation includes a weather check. That sundress that looks ahhmazing on you might not work if the temp drops on you! So, make sure to give this factor some weight while selecting your wardrobe.
Fashion in one carry-on bag:
If you really want to enjoy your trip, try packing in a carry-on. Packing in a carry-on also gets your trip started faster. (no waiting at baggage claim) You might want to choose a pair of jeans, a few T-shirts and a jacket that you can carry in your hand.
The t-shirts that you choose can reflect your personality and can serve fashion needs. So, you can be choosy about them. The design of the T-shirts and their colors are something you can manage without compromising on your available space. You can even glorify your style statement through necklaces and bracelets. They won’t be uncomfortable; neither would they require excessive space to fit in your luggage. I like to style with accessories while on vacation instead of actual pieces that clog the carry-on.
Must have pieces on vacation:
If you are wondering about the must-haves pieces on vacation, then I have a few recommendations. These recommendations are based on my experience. If you are planning for a week’s vacation, then taking 3-4 t-shirts, a pair of jeans, and a dress or two for outings would be enough for you. We usually wear our jeans a couple times before they hit the laundry anyway. Try packing one pair of shoes and wearing the other. Adding a few pair of socks, and few accessories should be enough for your travel needs. Taking anything more than that would be excess baggage, and you won’t be able to carry it while enjoying your vacay. Anything less than that might have you shopping while on vacation. Which I personally love but, getting it all home is always my problem.
Going on a vacation is something exciting in itself. You can add your fashionable choices to your pictures and overall outlook while traveling if choose the right clothes. The weather of the destination, days’ of your stay and comfort are some of the factors that you must consider while making the final decision. One carry-on bag should be adequate for you. It will fulfill your needs as well as let you enjoy your vacation.



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