Is there a such thing as dressing your age?

Age and Fashion: Can apples be linked with oranges?

Fashion and the 21st Century:

Traditionally, fashion has been categorized on the basis of age. You might have heard that a specific color is age appropriate or the short skirts are not worn by moms. If you have heard this, then you can easily understand what I am talking about. Such an era actually led to the killing of emotions and wants a lot of people, especially women. The reason for targeting women’s sentiments when it comes to fashion and the sacrifice that they have to make is that for men, fashion changes are not quite explicit until they reach 50. However, for women, 35 or maximum 40 is the age when either people target them for wearing something that looks a bit funky, or they themselves adapt to the aging clothes and styles. In such a situation, you can very well imagine that to remain in the mainstream, and the ladies had to adapt to the appropriate fashion.

Is it still valid?

Over the time, people have changed, time has changed and so has the fashion. Now, you will not find many people talking about age-appropriate fashion. Today, fashion is about what suits you. It can provide you comfort and can enhance your personality. Although, even today, you cannot wear anything anywhere and call it fashion. Obviously, there are certain boundaries, like you cannot wear a mini skirt to your 9-5 job. Similarly, wearing a suit at a party will not be adequate. But apart from these specific clothing patterns, you have a lot of choice regarding what to wear, how to wear and when to wear. Such a choice wasn’t available, say two decades ago.

But is there something like age-appropriate fashion?

Even theoretically, you cannot associate age with fashion. Age is a quantitative term, in its real sense. But figuratively, it is you who decides your age rather than a number, which you get through your birth.  If you are feeling younger than your actual quantitative age, how can anyone categorize you within a particular age bracket and restrict your choices.

Similarly, fashion itself is a subjective term. Something, which can be in fashion or a style statement for me, might not tempt you. Similarly, something that suits you might not get along well with me. So, it purely a subjective term that is dependent on the individual choices.

By associating age with fashion is just like comparing or relating apples with oranges. Apples are different, have different taste, different color and even different nutritional value. Similarly, oranges exist as a separate identity. There is no point of insisting that any of the fruits is better than the other one. I hope you would agree with me.

Then what is the right way to dress up:

As we have discussed that, the era of age-appropriate dressing has just gone, so how should you actually dress. Yes, this is the real question and you must discuss this dimension of fashion to give yourself and the people surrounding you ample choice about how to dress. Here are some of the factors that you must consider to choose your dressing rather than dressing your age. Interested in knowing these factors? Common then, let’s get started:

*Body type:

Over the time, you’ll face changes in your body. In your teenage, you might look skinny whereas in your middle ages, you could have acquired some weight and in a few years from now, you might feel lethargic to exercise and put in a lot of fats on your body. Although, this is not true for everyone, but this is the general trend that we see in ladies. So, you must consider your body type when choosing your dress. As you will get to know by yourself that, what should you wear and what suits your body and there will be no element of dressing according to your age.


Another important factor here is your personality. If you were a serious type, having an introverted personality, and then going for bright colors not every time would suit your personality. Rather your own wardrobe won’t have much of such clothes, if you would really have a serious look into it. Similarly, with an outward personality, wearing dull colors would be considered opposite to your overall personality. Keeping these elements under consideration while shopping or while choosing a particular fashion trend is important because you won’t want to portray a confused image of your personality. It will not be considered dressing according to your age but you’ll be carrying your personality in a better way.

*Dress according to the Occasion:

One of the factors that you cannot ignore while dressing or opting a particular fashion is the occasion for which you are getting ready. Is it a party or a formal business event? Is it the friends’ gathering or a special night out with your loved one? Keeping these questions under consideration, you might go from highly formal dressing to extremely casual one. And this is irrespective of your age. You don’t have to include age in any of this decision-making rather your focus here must be the occasion and type of gathering. I hope you are getting my point as I staunchly believe that dress for age is nothing but old rhetoric, which limited the fun that people could have by dressing up.

*Use fashion for communicating the message:

There can be different messages that you can send with your dressing too. I believe that you’ll be aware of these messages and I don’t want to go in much detail about it. However, I would like to give a brief overview regarding it, so that you can understand the point easily. With your dressing, you can portray yourself as classy, vibrant, outgoing or stylish. It depends on you. For each of these styles to be portrayed, there is some specific type of dresses and accessories that you must carry. Right? So, when you have a certain image in mind, it is essential that you should pick the appropriate dress with that in mind. Even here age does not matter and is neither a part of the discussion. As if you require being stylish, you can wear anything, which you think would make you look stylish. Although, we can continue the debate if something that is stylish for me would be equally stylish for you or not. But I guess you have grabbed the main point that I was trying to communicate in this piece of writing.


Last but not least, comfort is another important element that you must take into consideration while dressing up. It should not be one of the elements rather it must be given the top priority. Because without the presence of comfort while dressing you won’t have the necessary confidence to carry your personality in an appropriate way. Additionally, you might not even get happy while dressing, so the entire purpose of dressing up is spoiled if this element is not taken into account.

What have we discussed here?

In this article, I have just reiterated the point that there can be a number of bases for choosing a particular type of fashion but age is not amongst one of them. Although, age appropriate dressing has gained high importance in the last century over time, higher importance has been grabbed by the level of comfort while choosing the fashion. If in a particular dress, you feel comfortable, then that’s it. You don’t need to think about your age while wearing it. Apart from the comfort level, I have highlighted four other bases for choosing the dress or fashion statement. All of these elements might get different weightage from you when it comes to your individual level, but more or less these are the factors worth your time, not the age.

Now, you must be sure that gone are the days when you would have worried about getting older. With the changing fashion trend and the approach of the society, you can still wear the same clothes and carry the same style, if you feel you can do justice with it. There is no one who can raise questions over it. So be confident and wear whatever you like.






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