My Fashion Truck Journey 7

Fast Forward 3 years!  We still in these streets Ya'll!! I apologize for not blogging. I have been getting a lot of requests in my inboxes so here it is!

We have dozens of events under our wheels and met a lot of awesome people along the way. We have even started a Fashion Truck Takeover festival with another ahh-mazing fashion truck owner in the area.  We have the Fashion Truck Takeover every October.  2018 will be our third year.  It is a great event where we get all the fashion trucks in the area together for a party.  There are about five of us in the Dallas area now.  We usually have a few out of towners jump in on the party as well.  So all in all the dream has come and blossomed into something more than I ever could dream of.  I must say I have been very blessed with my truck, I have had no real issues with it since I purchased it.

So what's next for MDB?  Next on the bucket list is a pop up shop at Essence Festival! We are putting the truck on the road.  This will be the furthest it has ever been driven.  The longest distance the truck has ever done is 4 hours.  Essence Festival is held in New Orleans, LA which is 8 hours from Dallas.  Although we are driving the truck to New Orleans we are setting the pop up shop inside the Embassy Suites Hotel, which is attached to the convention center where the festival is held. There is a team of 8 that has jumped on this adventure with me.  You know three are my children!  They are always on payroll in some type of capacity.  If you are planning to attend Essence Festival please stop by and say Hi!

I've attached some pictures from the past three years.  I cannot promise that I will blog regularly but I promise it won't be three years!  Ya'll be safe and keep on truckin!  See you on the road!



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