The Great Debate: Heels or Flats!

The Great Debate: Heels or Flats

The controversy of wearing heels for getting a sexier look is not new and we have probably indulged in this debate at least once within our close groups, right? But you would have noticed that neither of the proponents would have won this controversial debate. Why? This is probably because both flats and heels have their own charm and style and everyone realizes that going for heels or even flats all the time cannot be a solution. But then why does it still exist as a hot potato. Not sure. Maybe a discussion on certain elements associated with this debate could help us in reaching a conclusion. So, let us get started with the “sexy” looking statement, which is most closely linked for providing arguments in favor of wearing heels.

Can you feel just as sexy in flats?

Most people feel that women look sexier in heels when compared with flats. This is because the heels make them walk more consciously, not in terms of special focus on their walking, but related to the muscle consciousness, which can be seen in the form of tightened muscles to keep them stable with the heels. Usually, the higher the heels are more muscle consciousness can be seen, which in turn is referred to as sexy by the males. Isn’t it girls? However, in flats, you don’t have to go through all this. You can simply walk on the ground keeping your leg and back muscles relaxed. Does it make you look less sexy? For strangers, yes, this might be true. Because they are only focused on, your physical attributes when judging you and they don’t have a right to do so. So, whatever they call you, sexy or non-sexy, it shouldn’t matter. But for your partner, your sexiness is not dependent on the way you walk or the shoes you wear, he knows you inside out and would your comfort more important than the way you look.

Flats v. Heels:

We can go for a comparison between both the types of shoes to help you in finding out the pros and cons attached to each of them.

If you are choosing flats over heels, then you can expect your feet to remain comfortable throughout the time you are wearing them, you can easily elongate the wear-time (or in other words, the time you want to spend out). Moreover, the noise that you can associate with heels is no longer the part of your or your loved one lives. Don’t forget the instances where you want to surprise your partner or friend. For such moments, flats are simply the best. Additionally, soft nice and blister free toes require you to go for flats. With flats, you can be tempted to exercise more often without having the type of shoes that you are wearing as an excuse thus the chances are that you’ll keep yourself healthy with brisk walking and other simple exercises on-the-go. If you are the one who gets late often, then you don’t have any better option than wearing flats. Most of all, you don’t have to face any kind of health issues, sprains or injured feet as a result of heels.

Heels can make you look longer if you aren’t much heightened or want to increase the perceived height. You might get a slimmer look as a result of wearing heels because the heels force the back to curve more and get into a shape, which otherwise would not be possible. Heels can be a reason to tone up your calf muscles too. You might even shed some weight from your lower legs if you wear them often. You can even improve your pelvic floor muscle. Additionally, the men’s argument of looking sexier might also be associated with the benefits that you can expect to get from high heels. You might not want to add it here. But scientific research has proven it. but yes, these results have considered stranger men and women for the study, so the argument pertaining to partner’s dislike and like can overcome the results of this research.

These were some of the general positive points that you could associate with both types of shoes. But how do they actually make you feel the basic factor that you must consider for making the right decision for yourself. Let’s explore it in the next section:

How do they (flats/heels) make us feel?

Flats can give the feeling of comfort that you can associate with any shoe type. You don’t have to be on your toes literally when wearing flats. You can wear comfortable clothes too if you are looking to accompany them with flats. However, when you’ll compare the ladies wearing heels at a particular event or location, then you might feel a bit shorter. Moreover, you might not get the “right shape” when you’ll start comparing yourself with the other ladies.

The choice of wearing heels at an event can make you feel a few inches taller grabbing more attention because of increased height. Moreover, you might feel that your legs have elongated a bit, which you can associate with sexier outlook. And the consciousness and tightening of your upper leg muscles with straightened back and prominent back curves are included in your perception as the user and the other’s perception by watching you in heels.

You can definitely notice a hell of a difference in your perception when you are wearing heels and flats. But I would argue here that this is the stereotyped impact that we have learnt over time. So now, whenever, we get into this discussion of heels or flats we have a set mindset associated. The only difference that the people from each of the sides bring is regarding the priorities. People who tend to favor the argument that health is important and outlook doesn’t matter much when you really like someone manages to go in favor of flat shoes. And the opposite is the case for the ones who favor heels.

Can we still be sexy in flats?

Yes, we can be. The type of dresses that you are wearing can determine the sexiness that you could be looking for. You can avoid wearing baggy clothes. Moreover, keeping a close eye on fashion can also help you in getting the desired attention, which you are aiming to get through wearing heels. Some of the colors that you choose to wear can also be important in determining how you actually look. So, ether can be a number of ways that you can manage to look sexy even if you want to wear flats only. However, it is not compulsory that you must wear only flats every time, you can switch between flats and heels to maintain a better look.

I know this discussion has not revealed much of the results, when it comes to what type of shoes you should actually wear. But, there can be a number of ways through which you can benchmark if you really want to wear flats or heels. Wanna know, how? You can make this decision depending upon the event for which you are getting ready. If it is a shopping party or an outgoing causal plan, then you can simply go for flat shoes. But if you are going to a formal party like a red carpet or something more formal, you can carry a heel. You’ll be able to avoid the medical repercussion of wearing the heels and at the same time keep yourself trendy and up to date by wearing heels.

Moreover, going for wedges or shorter heels can be a solution to this dilemma as well. Shorter heels will do much less damage as compared to the long heels. So, you can consider yourself comparatively safe but enjoy what is trending and what is known as being sexy at the same time. I guess this is one of the best solutions that we can have for this problem. Do you agree?


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